Valuable films and tapes are decaying at an alarming rate. Our film department color corrects, cleans and transfers 16mm & 35 mm film, original negative or print, with optical or magnetic sound, to most formats. We can also handle almost every kind of HD & SD video tape, including reel to reel, PAL standards conversions, and the baking of unstable elements on the brink of disintegration. Our Digital Asset Management systems are based on industry standards and are free from proprietary technology ensuring that content will always be accessible. These are some of the services offered.

• S16mm & 35mm HD & SD Film Transfer

• Scene by Scene Color Correction

• Negative, Print, Reversal, InterPos, Interneg

• Optical Sound, Mag Stripe, Mag Track and 1/4"

• 10 bit Uncompressed HD, Apple Pro Res HQ

• 10 bit Uncompressed DNX, H264


• Digital Betacam, DV, DVD, Mini DV